Best Grilling Tools for your Labor Day Cookout

2020 has felt like the longest. year. ever. Yet, somehow, Labor Day is just around the corner?! If you're looking for a good way to send off Summer 2020 with the party you deserve, here are a few pretty awesome tools, gadgets, and products you need for your cookout.


Non-stick GrillMats

I'm still trying to figure out why everyone everywhere doesn't use these. They're thin, heat safe up to 600 degrees F, dishwasher safe, super affordable, and they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Just lay it across your grill grates, and you've got a griddle! Use it to grill unusual items like eggs and pancakes (Labor Day breakfast, anyone?) or just use it to keep the juices in your burgers and avoid flare ups. Or, if you really don't like those reasons, it makes grill clean up significantly easier 

Buy them here


USA Cutout LED Spatula

Just like the flagship Spatula and Tongs, this LED spatula features a removable, high tech, sunlight-replicating flashlight built into the handle. However, this unique USA Edition features a cutout of the American Flag on the spatula head. 

Burgers are a staple at Labor Day cookouts, and there's no better way to show your spirit than with an America-themed spatula. Hint: this also makes a phenomenal gift for veterans, military families, or just your USA-loving neighbor. 

Buy it here


Giant LED Spatula

Like the USA spatula, this giant spatula is made with restaurant-grade stainless steel and a built-in LED light that is designed to replicate sunlight, so you never have to worry about getting the perfect doneness in less-than-perfect conditions.

The difference lies in the size (ha, that rhymed). The Giant Spatula has a whopping 8 INCH spatula head-- perfect for fish, hard-to-manage veggies, and even large cuts of meat. It also works well for smashburgers, if you're into that. 

Buy it here



I hope your Labor Day is extra lit this year, you deserve it.

Happy Grilling!

Hannah :) 

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