Pellet Grills: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Last updated 9/22/23

Maybe you've been getting more into grilling lately and are considering different options, such as a pellet grill.

In recent years, pellet grills have gained a ton of traction in the barbecue community. But what exactly are pellet grills, how do they work, and what makes them unique?

These questions, and more, are answered right here!

What are Pellet Grills?

Pellet grills are low-maintenance, stable-temperature smokers that use wood pellets as fuel. The pellets themselves are made of compressed sawdust. This allows them to be infused with various flavors you can choose from, depending on the type of BBQ flavor you prefer.

Essentially, you place the pellets in the grill, and an electric auger automatically feeds the correct amount of pellets into the cooking area in order to maintain the temperature you set. 

Benefits of pellet grills include:

  • Simple Ignition
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Unique Flavor Options and Combinations
  • Easiest Grill to Use
  • Automatic Temperature Moderation 

What Can You Cook on a Pellet Grill?

Because pellet grills create a sort of "heat chamber," they work well for normal grilling, smoking, and even baking or cooking as you would in a kitchen oven.

Originally, pellet grills were created for smoking meats, such as brisket, ribs, or pork butts, and they do so in a much cleaner way than charcoal or traditional wood-burning smokers.

Plus, cooks argue that pellet grills work better for basic grilling than do regular charcoal or gas grills.

What Makes Pellet Grills Special?

Due to the popularity of pellet grills, efforts have been made to improve them even further. Some of these modern improvements include Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to control the smoker from an app on your phone and the addition of sear zones that further their ability to serve as "normal" grills.

There have also been pellet grills released recently that have a gas grill station located next to the pellet grill, so you can do both simultaneously. 

If you've been considering a pellet grill, or just wondering what the hype is all about, I hope this cleared it up for you. 

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