About Grillight

Our passion is to solve problems in innovative but simple ways and to produce the highest quality products available to grillers. Grillight was created because of a problem that needed a better solution. If you have ever grilled out in the evening, gone camping, or hosted an all day tailgate marathon you know what we're talking about.

Maybe you bought a clip-on grill light but they fall off, never point where you need them, and always get in the way. You’ve probably thought, “there’s got to be a better way.” Well, finally there is. It Grilllight. That's what we do. 

Our grill lights come with with Ideal Illumination Technology which perfectly replicates sunlight. These lights keep your grill LIT any time of day. You'll never have a ruined bbq again!  

The Grillight Guarantee: These are the LAST grill tools you'll ever need with an unmatched Lifetime Warranty.   


  • How do I clean my Grill Lights?
    • Simply slide out the flashlight by pressing the removal button, wipe clean with a cloth, and toss the stainless steel unit in the dishwasher.
  • What kind of batteries does it take?
    • Grilllight Spatula and Tongs come with 2 AA Batteries and are ready to use out of the box.
  • How long do the batteries last?
    • About 18 hours of continuous use.
  • Is it waterproof?
    • The Grill Light LED Light is IP67 water resistant.
  • What are Grillights made of?
    • Restaurant grade stainless steel and heat resistant material.


  • How hot can it get
    • GrillMats are heat safe to 600 degrees F.
  • Is my Griddle Mat reusable? 
    • YES!  And dishwasher safe.
  • How long do they last?
    • Grillight GrillMats last forever with proper care and use. 
  • What are they made of?
    • Grillight GrillMats are made of high heat safe PTFE.
  • Are they safe?
    • PTFE is used in almost every nonstick cooking pan and is safe when kept below the regulated max temp.