Grill Spatulas

For any grill enthusiast looking to light up their grilling surface in dark conditions, Grillight spatulas are game changers. Made from strong 430-stainless steel and featuring our patented Ideal Illumination™ LED flashlight, Grillight spatulas illuminate your grill and are the durable and versatile grilling essentials you need to take your grill game to the next level.

Why Choose Grillight LED Spatulas?

Every grill master needs a reliable spatula, but Grillight spatulas go beyond this call of duty by helping you grill every meal to perfection, day or night, by illuminating your grilling surface. Our high-quality materials and industry-leading Ideal Illumination™ technology improve the precision of your grilling at whatever hour of the day you want. Ready to see what all the hype is about?

Frequently Asked Question

Why are Grillight spatulas good for the grill?+-

Grillight spatulas are made from a ​​restaurant-grade stainless steel material that’s designed specifically to handle very high temperatures. And with ergonomic handles, our spatulas help you maximize comfort and efficiency while you grill.


What’s the advantage of the LED light on our spatulas?+-

Grillight’s patented Ideal Illumination™ LED lighting is designed to perfectly replicate sunlight. Unlike other LED lights, our technology ensures the lighting does not distort the color of your food — so you can grill with expert precision before or after sunset.


What’s the difference between a stainless steel and rubber or silicone spatula?+-

Stainless steel spatulas are durable and heat-resistant, making them the best option for high-temperature grilling. Rubber and silicone spatulas are flexible and gentle, making them better for non-stick cookware and tasks like scraping and folding. For this reason, Grillight stainless steel spatulas are a better option for most grilling experiences.


What if I need a complete grill utensil set?+-

Our Grilling Essentials Kit and Grilling Necessities Kit cater to all of your grilling needs!

Our Essentials Kit includes:

Our Necessities Kit includes:


Do Grillight spatulas come in multiple sizes?+-

Absolutely! While our original LED Spatula is a standard size, our Giant LED Spatula has an 8-inch wide surface that’s perfect for grilling fish and larger, or more delicate cuts of meat.

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