What is Ideal Illumination™ Tech?

Okay, y'all have been asking. Here's the tea. The official run down on what makes Grillight so special…


graphic with bullet points explaining the benefits of ideal illumination

If you’ve grilled in the evening (or just in a dark, poorly lit, or smoky grill) you’ve struggled to manage utensils, a flashlight, your phone, your beer, plates, and the food...

Maybe you bought a clip-on light, hoping to solve the problem, only to discover they don't make it any easier. Most grilling lights use cheap LEDs that put out a blueish light, which distorts the color of the food, resulting in over-done or under-done dinners. And let's be honest... they just get in the way.

Regardless, you’ve probably thought, “there’s got to be a better way.” Well, there is.

Our Ideal Illumination™ technology has been precisely tuned to replicate the color and tone of mid-day sunlight, so you can see the true color of the food you’re cooking, no matter what.

comparison of traditional LEDs versus ideal illumination light

Plus, placing the removable light in the handle of the tool, keeps hands and other objects out of the stream of light, for a much more enjoyable and convenient grilling experience!

graphic showing an unlit grill and a grill being illuminated by a grillight grilling tool
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