The Best Chicken Recipe 5 Ways

Last updated 9/21/23

This 3-step process is they key to grilling the perfect chicken. If you're tired of salt and pepper chicken for every meal, look no further. This chicken recipe is healthy, its easy, and it's flexible.

In this article, we've outlined how to follow the three steps, how to customize the recipe, along with some of our favorite options!

The Process

Step 1: Marinade

  • Basically, there are 2 types of effective marinades: salt-based and sugar-based.
  • Being able to differentiate between the two is important, but not difficult. Just ask yourself, "Is it savory or sweet?" For example, Teriyaki sauce is sugar-based, and Soy sauce is salt-based.
  • Use a fork to poke holes in your chicken, then put in a Ziploc, add marinade until all chicken is covered, and let sit.
  • Many recipes give extremely long marinade times, but in reality, the longer you marinate, the stronger the flavor will be.
  • Rule of thumb: Longer than 30 minutes, no more than 5 hours. 

Step 2: Seasoning

  • The following rules DO NOT apply to using ONLY salt and pepper.
  • Pre-made seasoning blends are your BEST FRIEND.
  • The seasoning should always compliment, but not copy, the marinade. For example, if you marinate in hot sauce, don't season with JUST cayenne pepper. Use black pepper and a spicy seasoning *blend*, instead. 
  • Pro tip: Always season BEFORE beginning to cook. Use your hands to press the seasoning into the outside of the chicken, and don't be shy. Some of the seasoning will come off while you cook, but you want the marinade to stay in-- a full coating of seasoning can help with that.

Step 3: Cooking Method

  • The top 3 best ways to cook chicken are as follows, in order:
  1. The Grill (healthiest, tastes best)
  2. The Stovetop (quickest, tastes good)
  3. The Oven (easiest, tastes decent)

Make It Your Own

Earlier, I said that this method was flexible. So, if you don't feel like you're ready to create your own chicken recipe yet, feel free to use some of my fave options below!

1. The Classic (Lemon Garlic Chicken)

Marinade: Lemon Juice

Seasoning: Garlic + Herb

Method: Grill

2. The Tangy (Teriyaki Chicken)

Marinade: Teriyaki Sauce

Seasoning: Ginger + Sesame

Method: Stovetop

3. The Sweet (BBQ Chicken)

Marinade: BBQ Sauce

Seasoning: Chile Pepper + Paprika

Method: Grill

4. The Spicy (Sriracha Chicken)

Marinade: Sriracha + Honey

Seasoning: Garlic & Onion Powder

Method: Stovetop

5. The Favorite (Worcester Pepper Chicken)

Marinade: Worcestershire Sauce

Seasoning Blend: Black Pepper + Oregano

Cooking Method: Grill

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