Recipe Blogs for Cooking at Home

Last updated 9/22/23

People are cooking at home now more than ever! There are so many unique, simple, and fun grilling recipes out there, so we thought we'd share some of our favorite recipe blogs to keep your meals interesting!

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1. BBQ Pit Boys

BBQ Pit Boys is probably the most famous grilling blog right now, & for good reason!

They have everything from recipes to merch, and all of their recipes are cleanly sorted into categories for easy browsing!

10/10 would recommend for any skill-level looking to up their BBQ game.

2. Hey Grill Hey

Hey Grill Hey is a fun, lighthearted blog created and developed by self-taught grillmaster Susie Bulloch and her husband, Todd.

This is a GREAT option for novice grillers, because each of her recipes are purposefully written in a way that even inexperienced grillers can successfully follow them!

3. Furious Grill

Although they're fairly famous, Furious Grill really gets back to the basics, with a user-friendly website that welcomes grillers of all ages, lifestyles, and skill levels. 

Aside from recipes, they also feature a "Tips & Tricks" page, as well as trustworthy product reviews for all types of BBQ equipment! Everything you need to tackle cooking at home, all in one place. What more can you ask for?

4. I Love Grilling Meat (not just meat recipes)

If you're reading these and thinking, "I just need something simple to cook for dinner..." then I Love Grilling Meat is for you! Its simply a recipe blog, and despite the name, its not just meat recipes (vegans, rejoice!) It features easy-to-follow instructions and recipes of various intricacies for anyone looking to dip their toes in the BBQ pool.

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