5 Salad Ideas for Your Next Barbecue

Last updated 9/29/23

Sometimes you want to complement that burger or steak with something lighter, like a salad. Luckily, salads are one of the easiest and healthiest foods to make, and done right, they can even be just as filling as a regular meal!  

Here are some of our favorite salads to enjoy alongside our grilled favorites.

1. The "I don't like salad" Salad

Spinach + Apple + Cheese + Bacon + Chicken + Raspberry Vinaigrette 

2. The "No fear" Salad

Collards + Sprouts + Rice + Pickled Veggies + Eggs + Pesto

3. The "Spice is right" Salad

Arugala + Bell Pepper + Avocado + Herbs + Quinoa + Thousand Island

4. The "Kale yeah" Salad

Kale + Cucumber + Tomatoes + Cottage Cheese + Nuts + Honey Mustard

5. The "Basic butcher" Salad

Lettuce + Croutons + Cheese + Bacon + Steak + Ranch

Hope you enjoy these salad ideas. And if you're looking for tongs to serve your salad, check out our LED smart tongs with a light built in, or any of our other amazing Grillight products.

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