5 Life Hacks for Backyard Barbecues

Last updated 9/22/23

Whether you're the monthly party host, or trying to impress your new neighbors, your goal during a backyard barbecue is to be welcoming, successful, and FUN!

If you like to shake things up every once in a while, these life grilling life hacks are for you!

1. Need a non-stick grill grate? Use an onion!

This is probably the easiest, cheapest life hack. Literally, just heat the grates, cut an onion in half, rub the juicy side over the grates, and *voilà* nothing sticks.

2. Need to make multiple s'mores at once? Use a rake!

Okay, this one is a little "out there" and if you're not a fan of dirt/germs, probably not the most appealing idea. Everyone else, bare with me. Clean the rake, turn it over so the prongs stick up. That's where the marshmallows go. Now, there's some surface area left on the head. You can set your graham crackers and chocolate on that, so the chocolate gets all melty... Ya know what? Here's a picture. 

3. Need to display the fixin's? Use a muffin tray!

Everything fits in a muffin pan. From mustard, ketchup and relish, to onions, tomatoes and chopped lettuce... Its all displayed together, and you only dirty one pan! Who knew muffin pans were so versatile?

4. Need to keep a bunch of stuff cold? Use a kiddie pool!

Kiddie pools are not very expensive, and this hack especially works when you have a pot luck, where guests bring food or drinks as well! Just fill a kiddie pool with ice (not water), and as people arrive they can put their food/drinks in the pool and go about their business. All of its in one spot, and its guaranteed to stay cold!

5. Need to keep mosquitoes away? Use plants!

Actually, we should say "grill" these plants. Basically, once you're done grilling the food, simply put one of the following herbs on the grill and the mosquitoes will stay away! Herb repellents include: lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage, citronella (obvi).

These hacks aren't for every party, but they're sure to give your backyard barbecue a little extra *umph*.

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  • Tony,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! We’re so glad you keep up with us. :) Good disclaimer on the mosquitos. Alaska is a completely different ballgame! Hope you like this week’s blog— its posting soon!

  • love the hacks.. but can’t use the onion trick, allergic lol and the one with mosquitoes, our Alaska mosquitoes would swarm ya cause of the nice smell… but seriously wife has those plant around the deck and we still get mosquitoes. love the blog, and the Instagram account


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