Grill Kits

Enjoy effortless grilling day or night with our all-in-one grill kits. Our kits feature stainless steel grill tools with built-in LEDs engineered with Ideal Illumination technology that lights up your grill without distorting the true color of your food. Plus, you get all the grill tools you need in a convenient bundle for a better value than buying them individually. Pick up a Grillight kit for yourself or as a gift for the grillmaster in your life.

Why Choose Grillight Grill Kits?

Elevate your barbecue experience with Grillight Grill Kits, igniting both flavor and fun in your outdoor cooking adventures. These comprehensive kits provide you with all the essential tools you need to kickstart your grilling journey, sparing you the hassle of piecing together individual items. Unlike competitors who rely on subpar blue LED lights that distort food colors, Grillight harnesses Ideal Illumination technology, casting a warm, color-true light on your cooking creations. Crafted from robust stainless steel, our spatulas and tongs are built to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring their longevity. These grill tools are also waterproof and dishwasher safe, offering effortless cleanup. Bid farewell to flimsy, easily breakable utensils and impress your guests with Grillight Grill Kits, making them ideal for both personal use and thoughtful gifting.

Frequently Asked Question

Are the LED lights in Grillight products replaceable?+-

Yes, our grill tools’ LED lights are replaceable and provide long-lasting illumination with 20,000 hours of use per bulb. We offer replacement lights for our LED Smart Tongs and LED Spatulas, so you can keep the nighttime BBQs going without a hitch!


Are Grillight products dishwasher-safe?+-

Yes, Grillight products are fully waterproof and dishwasher safe, ensuring easy and hassle-free cleaning after your grilling sessions.


Can I purchase Grillight products individually or only in kits?+-

All Grillight grill tools and accessories are available for individual purchase. But our pre-packed kits offer more value for a lower price than buying each item individually. You also get the convenience of having all the grill tools you need to get started when you buy a kit.


What are Grillight products made from?+-

Our products are crafted from durable, high-quality materials built to enhance your BBQ experience. Our restaurant-grade grill tools use thick 430 stainless steel — more robust than standard utensils, to provide extra-strength and resist corrosion. 

The built-in LEDs utilize waterproof components for easy cleaning.

Our reusable, non-stick GrillMats utilize a 600℉ heat-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating to grill even more types of foods with ease.


Which Grillight Grill Kit is right for me?+-

Our Grilling Necessities Kit is a great starter set with essentials like the LED Spatula and two GrillMats

The Grilling Essentials Combo Kit includes the LED Spatula, two GrillMats and adds the LED Smart Tongs, great for handling hot food.

For the ultimate barbecue experience, though, our 2-Piece Grillight Gift Set equips you with a restaurant grade LED Spatula and LED Smart Tongs with integrated LED lighting to illuminate your grill and ensure cooking precision.


What’s the benefit of the LED light on Grillight utensils?+-

The built-in super bright LED is strategically designed to illuminate the entire grill area, ensuring you never have to worry about grilling in the dark again. Its brightness and Ideal Illumination™ technology leverages warm LED lighting so you see the true color of food and achieve consistent, delicious results every time you cook.


What accessories are needed for the grill?+-

The grilling essentials include high-heat-resistant utensils like tongs and spatulas for handling food, grill brushes for cleaning, instant-read thermometers for checking food temperature, and grill mats and insulated mitts for safely moving hot items. Having the right accessories makes grilling easier and more enjoyable.

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