Try These 3 Grilling Hacks for Better Hot Dogs, Burgers & Brats

Say goodbye to sad summer cookouts and hello to hot dogs and burgers that will have everyone begging for your grilling secrets. The only thing better than the mouthwatering aroma of BBQ is mastering these grill hacks. 

1. Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

Grilled Spiral Cut Hot Dogs - Cherished Bliss

Cutting your hot dog into a spiral shape makes every bite better. Instead of just bread or just meat, you get the perfect combo in each spiral bite. The swirly shape also lets you add more relish, mustard, or ketchup since the grooves hold more toppings. To make spiral dogs, just skewer the hot dog diagonally while rolling it as you cut. The spiral shape keeps things interesting from the first juicy bite to the last.

2. Add Butter for the Juiciest Burgers

best burger recipe ground chuck butter

Making a little indent in your burger patties is a juicy grilling hack. When you form the patties, pinch out a small bit of meat from the middle of each one. This leaves a little divot to fill up. Melt a pad of butter and pour it into the patty divots. Then add back the pinch of meat and press it down into the butter. This keeps the burgers super moist and flavorful as they cook. The melted butter prevents the burger centers from drying out over the hot grill. And the indentations hold the butter in the patties instead of letting it drip off. Your burgers will be tender and juicy inside with great caramelized flavor outside.

3. Poached Brats

Get Grilled Poached Sausages with Roasted Peppers and Onions Recipe from Food Network

Poaching your brats before grilling boosts flavor. Just put the raw bratwursts in a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil. Then turn off the heat and let the pot gradually come back to room temperature. This gentler poaching cooks the brats perfectly without drying them out. Once cooled, you can grill the poached brats as usual to get crispy char. The low and slow poach followed by high heat on the grill locks in all the juicy bratwurst flavor. This easy hack works great for any raw sausages or hot dogs too. Give it a try for the tastiest cookout links!

Bonus: The "Famous" Onion Hack

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Grill with an Onion

Cleaning a gunky grill can ruin the fun of a cookout. Skip the elbow grease with this easy onion hack. After cooking up juicy burgers and dogs, heat up the grill again. Rub half an onion face-down across the hot grates. The texture lifts up sticky burned-on food residue. The moisture in the onion also helps loosen grime. Just use a grill brush afterward to whisk away any remaining bits. The onion's texture and moisture do all the hard work for you. No more dreading post-cookout grill scrubbing! A simple onion makes grill maintenance a breeze so you can focus on the fun part - enjoying those smoky BBQ flavors.

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