Amp Up the Memorial Day Basics!

As we remember our fallen heroes, there's something nostalgic about gathering together with the people we love and getting back to the basics: sitting out in the sun, enjoying classic hot dogs, hamburgers, and a good ole cold beer. That being said... sometimes the norm can be boring. So where's the sweet spot? You're in the right place, my friend.

Here's some tips & tricks on how to make this Memorial Day perfectly classic:


Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

Grilled Spiral Cut Hot Dogs - Cherished Bliss

"The spiral shape gives you more surface area, so instead of that boring last bite of too much bread and not enough sausage, you get even bites all the way. The cut also results in a more even grill so you get more caramelization and can really enjoy that crispy outside. The grooves also act as little traps for your chunky relish or condiments. And all you have to do is stick the sausage on a skewer and slice at an angle as you roll it!"

See the full hack HERE.

Juiciest Burgers

best burger recipe ground chuck butter

"Once you create your patties, take a small pinch of meat out of the center of each patty. Yes. Do it! Reserve the pinched meat. To keep the burger moist... add a pad of butter to the middle of each patty. Add the reserved meat back to each patty and press it down to incorporate it back into the patty."

See the whole recipe HERE.


Poached Brats

Get Grilled Poached Sausages with Roasted Peppers and Onions Recipe from Food Network

This hack really brings out the flavor in your brats, dogs, or sausages! All you have to do is place the meats in a pot of cold water, bring it to a boil, turn the heat off, let it return to room temperature, then grill as usual!

See the full recipe HERE.


The "Famous" Onion Hack

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Grill with an Onion

"Unfortunately, nothing takes the joy out of juicy meats cooking away over a bed of hot charcoals like knowing you have to scrub the grill later...Save your back and your Brillo pads by using an onion—yes, an ordinary onion–to clean that nasty grill. Simply scrub a halved onion faced downwards on a heated grate to remove built up grime and grit."

See the full hack HERE.


I hope this helps make your Memorial Day... well... memorable!

Happy Partying!

Hannah :)

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