3 Things You Already Know That Can Get You to Grillmaster Status

Last updated 9/22/23

Someone once said to us, "I wish grilling instructions were as simple as shampoo instructions: Light, grill, repeat." Of course, we love the science of grilling, smoking, roasting, and barbecuing, but sometimes you just want it to be easy. We get it, and that's why it's Grillight to the rescue, with the help of this infographic!

Lucky for you, these three things that you probably already know are actually the key to grilling your food perfectly:

1. The kind of food you want to grill

Each kind of food needs to be grilled a different way. So, naturally, the first step in deciding which way to grill, is deciding what you're craving. (Hint: listen to your stomach, she knows what she wants.) 

2. How to light your grill

After you've decided what you're grilling, head on down to the infographic and check 2 things: First, see how many little fires there are. 1= low heat, 2= medium heat, 3= high heat. Then, see whether it says direct or indirect heat. Direct= right over the heat source, Indirect= not right over the heat source.

3. How to tell time (or just use a timer, really)

After you've got the food you want on the grill ready to go, here's the sucky part--waiting. On the infographic, you can see the orange bars circling each food that indicate the amount of time they should stay on the grill. Ribs are the longest by far but oh they are worth it.

Grilling Infographic
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