"The Most Reliable Spatula"

Grill To Perfection Any Time Of Day With Grillight’s Original LED Spatula

Key Features of our Grillight LED

Patented Ideal Illumination™ LED flashlight built into the handle to let you grill with precision after dark

Made from high-heat-resistant, restaurant-grade stainless steel for unrivaled durability

Fully waterproof and dishwasher safe for easy and efficient cleaning

Long-lasting LED lighting with a 20,000-hour bulb life

Precise Grilling After Dark

430 Restaurant Grade Stainless Steel 

Shorter Clean-Up Times


“I saw this on Good Morning America and knew I had to have one. I use my gas grill at least 3 times/a week year-round. In the winter, I would have to use my flashlight app to see what I was grilling. The Original Grillight Spatula has solved all of those problems! It's a great design and works perfectly!”

- Susan Britt.

Grillight’s Orginal Led Spatula lets you grill round-the-clock with state-of-the-art materials that ensure precise cooking of everything from your biggest cuts of meat to delicate veggies. Get yours today to start mastering your grill!

Expert Grilling Any Time Of Day

Late-night BBQs, camping trips, tailgates, and more are all possible with Grillight’s Ideal Illumination Technology™.

Unmatched Longevity: The Grillight LED Spatula boasts a bulb life of 20,000 hours, ensuring lasting brilliance for countless grilling sessions.

Grillight's Original LED Spatula is made from 430 restaurant grade stainless steel for maximum heat resistance.

The Orginal LED Spatula Elevates Your Grilling Like Nothing Else

Grillight’s innovative technology lets you grill with greater precision, flexibility, and expertise.

Our Competitors

Built-in LED flashlight replicates natural sunlight, providing clear visibility for nighttime grilling

Offers only daytime grilling options

Highest heat resistance on the market (up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit)

Lower standard heat resistance

Ideal Illumination Technology lights your grill without distorting food color

Separate LED lighting options distort the color of your food for less precise grilling

Fully waterproof and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance can take as long as grilling

Gravity lock mechanism offers easy locking and unlocking with one hand for maximum comfort

Rigid designs offer minimal functionality and comfort

Do What You Love Whenever You Want To With Grillight's Original LED Spatula.

The Ultimate Tool For Every Grillmaster's Daily Use.

"Fabulous Grill Spatula/Light Combo Tool"

“This thing ROCKS. Even if you're not grilling in the dark, there are plenty of times when you could use a bit of extra light on the BBQ. This offers you focused and strong light without having to affix something to your grill.”

Jeremy H.


“I bought the GRILLIGHT for my son for Father’s Day. He loves to cook on the grill at night. He loved it so much! The light is nice and bright. It’s even better than expected. The length is decent, and it’s very sturdy!”

Michael W.

"Incredibly Useful Gadget"

“The lens on the flashlight gives a surprisingly even glow so you can clearly see your food in all its glory. This tool is essential for anyone who enjoys grilling outside of daylight hours. If your grill is in a shady area, this is useful all year round, at any time of day!”

Eric S.


Grillight Spatula - Our Original LED Spatula

Restaurant-grade 430 stainless steel spatula

Heat safe, fully waterproof and dishwasher safe (once removable flashlight is detached).

Ideal Illumination™ LED flashlight built into handle


90-day manufacturer defect warranty

Grilling Essentials Combo Kit

Grilling 2-piece set and grill mat.

Premium restaurant grade

Easily grill in the dark

High strength and long-lasting


90-day manufacturer defect warranty

Grillight Necessities Kit

Includes Grillight LED Stainless Steel Spatula and 2 GrillMats

Premium restaurant grade

Easily grill in the dark

Heat resistant up to 600°F


90-day manufacturer defect warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Grillight’s game-changing Original LED Spatula

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