Make The Perfect Smoothie Every Time

Hello again! Its week 2 of the New Year...its safe to say we're all struggling & most of us have probably been victimized by our lack of smoothie making skills. Fear no more! Grillight and Food Network are here to help. Presenting: The foolproof smoothie method! (We've tried it, it works).

Per usual, here's the link to the original infographic article. 

As fun as infographics are, this one can be tough to follow so we've laid it out all nice and neat for ya. Enjoy! 

Step 1: Liquid Base

Common options: milk, green tea, water, 100% fruit juice

Step 2: Fruit

Common options: berries, banana, mango, apple, pineapple

Step 3: Something Frozen

Common options: ice, frozen fruit

Step 4: Veggie (optional)

Common options: beet greens, kale, spinach, pumpkin puree

Step 5: Sweetness

Common options: maple syrup, flavored protein powder, honey, agave

Step 6: Thickness

Common options: yogurt, nut butter, tofu

Step 7: Crunch (optional)

Common options: oats, granola, toasted coconut, crushed nuts, chia seed

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