Camping? Don't Forget These 5 Things!

Camping season is upon us! Whether you're a seasoned camper or a newbie learning the ropes, you need a packing list. What stays? What goes? From food, to clothes, to bug spray, every camper might say something different. However, I can guarantee that these 5 things will need to be on your list every. single. trip.

1. First Aid Kit

I'm not just talking a box of band-aids. I'm talking aloe vera, pain relievers, allergy meds, ace bandages, and anything else you can fit in your kit.

2. Water, Water, and more Water

Even if you're camping in an RV, you don't want to take a chance on malfunctions. Water is crucial, and it is always worth bringing extra. It serves thousands of purposes and you never know what could happen in a just a couple of days.

3. Trash Bags

Okay-- this one is debatable. But the bottom line is: don't litter. If you leave all your trash in the wilderness (or even just on the ground at the campsite) you're part of the problem. Not sorry.

4. Toilet Paper

I don't really have to explain this one, but you'd be surprised how many people forget it.


5. Flashlight

News flash: night time is dark. People tend to just say "we'll have our phones, it'll be fine." What happens if you drop it in the lake? What if it gets lost? What if it dies and you don't have a way to charge it? Seriously, phones are great, but when it comes to safety there's no replacement for a good-old-fashioned flashlight. 

Shameless plug: if you're looking for an amazing flashlight for camping, all of our cooking utensils (spatulas, tongs, etc.) have removable flashlights built in!

So, if you're planning on cooking while you're camping, this may be a GREAT way to save space, money, and resources. 

All of our flashlights have a 20,000 hour bulb life, they are 200 lumens, they run on AA batteries, and they are built to replicate daylight, so nothing is distorted.

This wasn't one of our most *creative* blogs, but I hope it helps someone! Also, our products are multi-functional and awesome. :)


Happy camping!


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