5 Store-Bought Cookout Foods that Taste Homemade

Is it just me or did Labor Day totally sneak up on us this year?! No worries, though. Just because its right around the frickin' corner doesn't mean you can't celebrate! We've compiled a list of 5 store-bought cookout DUPES! No one will ever know you didn't make them yourself! We'll leave it up to you to figure out what to tell them when they inevitably ask for your recipe...

*Note: all these can be found at your local Sam's Club, and many can be found at WalMart as well.*

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. Member's Mark Cheddar & Bacon Angus Beef Patties

We all know the labor day MUST HAVE is burgers! But dealing with all that meat, seasoning, and cheese can really put a dent in your supposed-to-be-relaxing day off work. I totally get that buying frozen burgers with the cheese already in them seems a bit sketchy, but you WILL NOT regret using these. Best frozen burger BY FAR. No thawing, no prep -- just unwrap and grill. Pro tip: slap another slice of cheese on top & they'll never know!

2. My Brother's Salsa & Dips

Chips and Dip is a huge part of any party! While it is acceptable to use store-bought dips and salsa without judgement, wouldn't it be great for people to think it was homemade? That's what My Brother's line of salsas and dips is good for! Its just the right amount of chunky, and the consistency is PERFECT for dipping. 10/10 would recommend. All the time. Always. 

3. Member's Mark 10" Tres Leches Style Cake

So, this one makes the list because its not only the BEST cake we've ever had, but it's made fresh in your local Sam's Club daily. So, basically, it is homemade. You just didn't make it. With authentic, generously soaked sponge cake, fluffy whipped icing, fresh strawberries, walnuts, and dark chocolate... what could go wrong? (Hint: nothing could go wrong.)

4. Simply Watermelon + Simply Lemonade with Strawberry

This one is a mixture, but its easier than making your own punch and (unless you're the world's greatest bartender) it probably tastes just as good. The Watermelon juice has a hint of lemon, so the watermelon isn't too overpowering. Then, once mixed with the strawberry lemonade, it makes a perfect cookout refreshment. Pro tip: throw in a bit of Sprite and white rum to give it an extra *kick*!

5. Eat Smart Mediterranean Crunch Salad Kit

This one is simple enough that they'll enjoy it, but fancy enough they'll assume its homemade. The perfect balance, right? (Right!) It's got crispy strips of flatbread, sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, feta cheese, and a light mixture of healthy greens! What more could you ask for? 

Anyway, I hope this helped make your Labor Day cookout a little easier! Let us know if you liked what you tried on grillight.com! 

Have a wonderful holiday!


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