GrillMat + Spatula Gift Set



  • Ultimate gift
  • Grillight Spatula PLUS Grillight GrillMat
  • 18″ Spatula with high-output Ideal Illumination LED flashlight built into handle
  • Spatula and GrillMat are Dishwasher Safe
  • Nonstick GrillMat stops food from falling through the cracks
  • GrillMat Heat Safe to 600 degrees F
  • Spatula made of restaurant grade Stainless Steel
  • AA Batteries Included
  • US & International Patents Pending
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SKU: 1300801

This gift pack gives the best value for 2 of Grillight’s most popular items.  Get the 18″ stainless steel LED spatula PLUS reusable, high heat safe, non stick GrillMat for the low price of $39.95.

GrillMat by Grillight is a revolutionary product that can turn your regular grill into a nonstick griddle.  Use your grill to cook everything you can cook inside on a griddle or skillet.  The GrillMat is perfect for public grills as well that are dirty and gross, your food doesn’t even have to touch the surface.    GrillMat reduces flare ups by stopping fat and grease from falling through the grates and into the flame.  The GrillMat is heat safe to 600 degrees and can be used on charcoal OR gas grills.

Grillight solves one of the most common problems grillers face in a simple and extremely functional way. Instead of adding a light as an after thought, our designers started from scratch to build perfect grilling tools.

The custom lights use Ideal Illumination technology, which perfectly replicates the color of sunlight, not that artificial blue hue that many low-grade lights have. Low quality LED lights often alter and distort the color of your food. This often leads to food not being cooked properly. With our Ideal Illumination non-distorting lights you’ll always know exactly how done your food is. We solve common problems with an eye on design and always use the highest quality materials available.  We use high-grade 430-stainless steel that is thicker than most grill tools and use the best components available for our waterproof flashlight.

Brighter Grill Better Meal with Grillight