Grillight 2pc set + GrillClaw Combo Kit

$59.97 $54.97

Get 3 MUST HAVE tools in 1 easy gift kit.  This kit includes a 2pc set (Patented 18″ Grillight LED Spatula + LED Tongs) AND a pair of Grillight Grill Claws!

  • Premium grill tools use restaurant grade stainless steel
  • Incorporated LED Flashlight directly into the handle of each tool
  • Claws can Pull pork, Shred chicken, or Lift turkeys with ease! 
  • FDA approved melt proof material
  • Ergonomic grip for extra leverage
  • One handed locking mechanism for storage
  • Waterproof Flashlight 
  • Restaurant grade 430 stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 20,000 hour bulb life, AA Batteries Included
  • US & International Patents Pending
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